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Here's What People Are Saying
Kudos to your workers!!! Immediately upon arrival they acknowledged me and service they were here to provide. Once complete, electrician came to advise they had finished for the day and advised me of the next steps that followed panel installation. And thanked me for selecting service.
Team was Very Professional, courteous, made sure they cleaned up tools and excess material, and closed up gate upon completion. 
-Patricia Carillo
Great company willing work for you. Get the job done safe for your home. Great staffing friendly take care your home solar panels done safe and right job.
-Antonio Apodaca
Great company and their customer service excels.
-Celeste Razura
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We will provide an environment that betters the lives of our people through focus on continuous improvement and giving back to our communities. Freedom of choice for our customers and a better world for our children is what drives the decisions for our products and the experiences that we curate.

Is going solar the right choice for you?

Solar in the state of Texas

Having more Sunny Days than almost any other State. Texas is becoming the fastest growing Solar State in the Country.

The Best Benefits

Texas has some of the best benefits to going solar and we take advantage of all of them.

$0 Out of Pocket Financing

When you choose MG Global, you’re choosing a zero out of pocket solar solution. Stop renting your energy from the utility company and start owning your energy source today!

"Great Solar company, my mom has had them for about a year now and it's been awesome. I will definitely go with them once I buy my house!!"

Jane Walker

Committed to
Quality and Excellence!

MG Global full service mentality can be seen from the moment you start the process to well beyond the solar installation. While we walk you through each step of the process our team will be fully equipped to answer any questions you may have. 

All of our consultations and design proposals are 100% FREE.
Let us help you make the right decision.

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